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About Marc

The P. Marc Damelio Golf Classic and

Memorial Scholarship Fund


The P. Marc Damelio Golf Classic and Memorial Scholarship Fund were started in March of 2004 to honor an incredible human being who passed in 2003 at the age of 31.  The “P. Marc Damelio Scholarship” is now in its fifth year of existence, and awards $1000 each to one male and one female student-athlete from Thomaston High School in Thomaston, Connecticut.  Applicant qualifications include:


- academic good standing 

- participation in athletics

- financial need

- good citizenship

- interest in the sciences


Every summer since Marc’s passing, a golf tournament run by his friends and colleagues is held to raise money for the scholarship, and all profits are deposited into the “Marc Damelio Memorial Fund.”  The tournament has attracted over 100 golfers in each its first four years and, thanks to the generous donations of the participants and local businesses, we have raised over $40,000 for the fund. Our goal over the next few years is to be in a financial position where the scholarship can become perpetual, and thus not require annual fundraising to continue.  It can then carry on in Marc’s name for many, many years to come. The success of the tournament has also opened up the possibility of increasing the annual scholarship amount that honors this beloved former teacher.  Like many other small towns, Thomaston is a blue-collar town where potential college candidates often find themselves “on the outside looking in” due to financial limitations.  This scholarship assists in providing opportunities for students with the desire to explore challenges offered by the college experience. 


For golfers, the day includes a scramble format, lunch, dinner, a raffle, and a poker tournament to end the evening.  Most importantly, the day serves to honor a man whose life was cut short due to illness.  Marc’s passion for life was not only visible in his actions, but palpable in the words he spoke.  He was keenly aware of the probability that his life would be shortened as a result of his medical conditions, but chose to live each moment believing he could positively impact everyone he touched.  Marc’s desire and ability to captivate children and make people laugh were perhaps the clearest evidence that he possessed wisdom few ever develop.  In his short life he taught many lessons, but his legacy will always serve to remind us how little the length of time we spend on Earth has to do with the number of people we can touch. As friends gather for a simple day of golf this July, we will slow our fast paced lives down to honor a man who knew that walking through life would provide him more opportunity to connect with people than running. 

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